Steering Committee

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Each year, we ask industry veterans from successful franchise systems to serve on our planning committee. Working together, we will populate panels with industry veterans who are subject matter experts.

The members of this year’s Springboard Steering Committee are:

  • John Teza, CDO of Corner Bakery Cafe
  • John Rotche, President of TBC International, LLC (Title Boxing)
  • Sam Ballas, President and CEO of East Coast Wings Corporation
  • Charlie Chase, President and CEO of First Service Brands
  • Shelly Sun, CEO and Co-Founder of Brightstar Franchising, LLC
  • Todd Leff, President and CEO of Hand and Stone Franchise Corp.
  • Steve Greenbaum, Founder and CEO of PostNet International Franchise Corporation
  • David Barr, CEO of PMTD Restaurants, LLC
  • Steve Siegel, CEO of Brookside Consulting
  • Jania Bailey, President of FranNet, LLC

Title Learn Industry Best Practices To Become a Successful Franchisor

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