2019 Event Videos

Springboard 2019 | Operations Clinic |09/18/2019

Springboard 2019 | Lead Generation & Franchise Sales Clinic | 09/18/2019
Springboard 2019 | Keynote Address by Catherine Monson & Don Lowe | 09/19/2019
Springboard 2019 | Finance Clinic | 09/19/2019

Springboard 2019 | Franchise Relations Clinic | 09/19/2019
Springboard 2019 | Leveraging Brokers & Consultants | 09/19/2019
Springboard 2019 | Effectuating Change Through A Franchise System | 09/19/2019
Springboard 2019 | Working Lunch Session | 09/19/2019
Springboard 2019 | Franchisees Tell All | 09/19/2019
Springboard 2019 | Early Phase of Brand Scalability: Actionable Insights | 09/19/2019
Springboard 2019 | Creating A Thriving Culture of Engagement | 09/19/2019
Springboard 2019 | Franchise Lead Generations: Smart Ways to Generate Quality Leads | 09/19/2019
Springboard 2019 | Franchisor Mentor Roundtables | 09/19/2019
Springboard 2019 | General Session with Chris Dull | 09/20/2019
Springboard 2019 | Benefits of Partnering with a Funding Partner | 09/20/2019
Springboard 2019 | Brand vs. Local: Who is Responsible for What? | 09/20/2019
Springboard 2019 | Digital Mastermind Session with Bedros Keuilian | 09/20/2019
Springboard 2019 | Working Lunch & Group X-Games | 09/20/2019



We highly recommend Springboard to our clients. Why go at it alone when you can get advice and answers from experienced franchise pros? Springboard can help get your franchise into the winner's circle.

Dan Bish

FranLaunch USA / FranLaunch Capital

What an inspirational, idea-packed and investment-worthy event for anyone involved with emerging (and re-emerging) franchisors. So much collaborative energy, sharing and camaraderie made this the BEST SPRINGBOARD EVER!

Dan Durney

Assisting Hands Home Care

This event brings together some of the best minds in the franchise category with a willingness to share their triumphs and tragedies in their careers. Often, it's easy to fall into a trap as an emerging brand. The sharing of "here is what I learned when I was an emerging brand" can mean the difference between failure and success.

Greg Sausaman

Topper's Craft Creamery

This event is a must for all emerging and re-emerging brands. Come learn from those that have been there and done it before so you fully understand the franchise journey.

Barry Falcon

iFranchise Group

Always a great event and I believe it is extremely valuable for an emerging franchise. The best way for an emerging franchisor to really get valuable info is through networking with other franchisors who have been around a while.

Gary Findley


I don't know why I put off going for so long. Loved the conference and learned a lot!

Matthew Hunt

Hard Exercise Works (HEW®)

I would recommend this event to anyone in franchising. If you're just starting out, there is a LOT of great content on a wide variety of topics. If you've been in franchising for a while, this event is great for networking and learning about changes in franchising.

Denise Radcliff


The Springboard Event in Philadelphia is hands-down the best resource in franchising. Whether you're a franchisee, a franchisor, an emerging brand, or one that's been around for 50 years, you'll learn something new at every turn.

Bob McQuillan

Hand & Stone

Fantastic event...content, staff and networking was amazing. Terrific value.

Steve Collette

3rd Degree Training / Actual Nutrition

This was my first year attending and it will not be my last! The content was great, the attendees were awesome and there were many opportunities to network. There was such great energy throughout the entire conference.

Gabriella Ferrara

PwC FranSuite

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